The Neumark


Did your ancestors come from the area called Neumark (today Poland)?  Let me just introduce some sources to you so you know where to start.

You will find the villages and towns that  belonged to the Neumark listed here. As many of the church and other records were destroyed in the last days of World War 2, secondary sources are very important. Therefore, you should definitely check the Neumark database.  The many volunteers who helped fill this database with loads of information worked with many sources now being available online or in German libraries.

Also, an important source for researchers are the many Heritage Books of the Neumark, that can be found online.

If you want to look for records in Polish archives (and more and more is available online), you can search the website of the Polish State Archives.

German archives holding information from the Neumark are the Landeshauptarchiv Brandenburg in Potsdam and the  Geheimes Staatsarchiv in Berlin, the latter is important if your ancestors were among the settlers who colonized the Neumark. These archives do not have any records available online, except for those who were filmed by Familysearch/Ancestry.

Research in the Neumark can be a bit tricky and you need to know the history of this area. If you need help, why not contact us and see if we can assist you with your search for your ancestors.

The featured pictures show the village of Lubiath, County of Friedeberg where my ancestors owned a mill. This is the house my ancestors lived.


  1. Hello. Happy to find this site as my g. g. grandparents came from Alt Friedrichsdorf, bei Merenthin Franfurt / Oder.
    August Leesten died 1848 there and his wife and children then left and settled in Gerresheim Dusseldorf (possibly because of the Glasshuette there) where my grandparents and mother were born.
    In 35 years I have not been able to find the death of August Leestens wife Ernestine geborene Borkenhagen in Dusseldorf after 1869 when it seems they arrived, neither her birth or marriage which could have been in Merenthin. I have no idea whether Alt Friedrichsdorf had a church.
    I would love to find something out finally.
    Thanks so much for any help.
    Best wishes, Kevin.

    • Kevin,

      I believe that (Alt) Friedrichsdorf belonged to Mehrenthin, which belonged to the parish of Woldenburg (evangelical) and Driesen (catholic). No church records of the evangelical church of Woldenburg survived WW2, not sure about the catholic records of Driesen.

      Maybe Ernestine Leesten died in a different place? The death is registered at the place the death took place, not the residence at the time of death. The evangelical church records of the Rhineland are currently filmed and will be available online at$) one day. If she was buried in Gerresheim, you should find her there. Also, she might be listed in the local cemetery. Please note, that sometimes a widows moved to her children’s home when she was older so maybe it would make sense looking for them as well.
      Good luck!

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