Do you want to know more about your ancestors? Where they came from and who they were? Are you interested in their profession and their daily life? Do you want to know the history of the town they came from, or see pictures of the graveyard and the church your ancestors were baptized married and buried? Do you wonder if the house your ancestors lived in is still there? You have already done a lot of research but ran into a brick wall? We can help!

We specialize in research within the city of Berlin and the states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg, Pomerania, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Saxony, Lower Saxony, Westphalia and the Rhineland. Please do not hesitate to ask us about other areas of interest!

We provide the following services:

  • Research at church archives and municipal, county, state, federal and military archives and cemeteries
  • Research at libraries, university and school archives and museums
  • Research in German and international (ex. Polish, French, Danish) online databases
  • Transcription and translation of German and Latin records into English
  • Consultation on how to tear down brick walls
  • Development of research plans for those who would like to do continue research on their own
  • Creating biographical short or full length stories of your ancestors, for example Time To Say Goodbye or Heartbroken
  • Consultation for researchers, writers and journalists
  • Lectures and webinars in English or German on German Genealogy and the Grandchildren of War
  • Writing of genealogical publications
  • Development of webinars on German research
  • The German Genealogy Girl’s Podcast

How do we get started?

  • Contact us and tell us your story and what you would like to learn about your ancestors.
  • You will then receive a proposal listing the resources which will best fit your needs, and a maximum number of hours to be spent and a quote.
  • You agree to the proposal and we will schedule your project.

How are delivery and payment handled?

  • A week before starting to work on your project,    we will ask you to pay the retainer fee  listed in the proposal by either  PayPal, TransferWise or by bank transfer. As soon the payment is on our account, we will start with the research.
  • After we finished the research, we will send you a preliminary report.
  • You then make your final payment.
  • Upon receipt of payment, we will send the final detailed report including documents, translations, maps and/or pictures. You can choose to receive all the communication by email, through a dropbox folder in .pdf or .jpeg format, or, if you prefer, a printed paper version or a CD of your report by mail.

Contact us for detailed information!


This is what Rootseekers’ clients say

“As an American unable to travel to Germany myself, I was fortunate enough to locate “Rootseekers” and Ursula Krause.
What a joy it has been to work with her! She was able to break down a major “brick wall” for me and bring me to a new understanding of my German family. Ursula’s work was timely, efficient, and cost effective. She provided me with emails and copies of documents, translations and a CD of her completed work. She always provided me with an estimate of what the work would cost and never exceeded it. I was even able to work out a “gift certificate” for a cherished cousin with her. I would not hesitate to ask Ursula to do additional work for me. She has become a valuable friend and colleague in my genealogical pursuit and I hope to meet her in person one day to thank her for all of her help!” Pam from South Carolina

“Wow! You did a wonderful job with the research! Thank you for conducting such comprehensive research; providing such a detailed and clear report; and for undertaking the project so quickly. I am very pleased with the result, and my grandfather and other family will be thrilled to see all that you have provided.” Mark from Massachusetts

“I also want to add that I work with Ursula remotely – we have never actually met; and yet I have complete faith in her and her work. Both of the research reports she had sent to me are of excellent quality. Additionally, if I ask her to do some research, and she feels that it will cost me too much money and not produce a good result she tells me that! To me, working with someone who is careful and wants to help you preserve your hard earned money is a rare gem – and Ursula is a rare gem, the best German genealogy researcher you will find.” Joy from Virginia