Bye Bye, Brick Walls – No, It’s Not (A Brick Wall)



Sometimes, when researching your German ancestors you reach a dead end. You have some information and checked all the sources; you have thought it through thoroughly. But you just don’t know what else to do. You have reached a brick wall. Or at least that’s what you think.



But things aren’t always the way they seem. Sometimes you are just a small step away from solving your problem and being able to find the answers you are seeking. It can simply be a misreading or a translation error that has been pointing you in the wrong direction. It might be that the information you’re looking for is there but you just don’t know about it. Maybe you are just searching the internet with the wrong search term and once you know the right word you can find out more. And maybe you simply need a tiny piece of advice to open closed doors. But where to turn?


Just Ask!

There are two places (of many more) where you can easily find help. One place is the mailing lists of the many German genealogical societies where you can place a request. Most of the lists are bilingual and all of them are free of charge. You can see what lists there are and if they are open to the public under this link; then just click on the list name and scroll down to register.

The other place is facebook with it’s many German genealogy groups. Katherine R. Willson has created a list with all genealogy related facebook groups and you can download it here:


No, It’s Not!

So what you think is a brick wall often simply isn’t one and you can easily find out more about your German ancestors by simply seeking a piece of advice from other researchers.


Do you want to know more about overcoming your brick walls? Read how knowing what information civil records hold can help! Find out more under And the Walls Came Tumbling Down!

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