The first thing people who have met Ursula C. Krause usually say is that she thinks (and talks) about genealogy day and night, that she actually lives genealogy. And that is absolutely true!

She has gone a long way from being a bored in-house lawyer to an incredibly happy researcher, lecturer and most of all, story teller. Did you read her blog? All these wonderful stories about her ancestors; didn’t you feel as if you had actually met them in person? Who wouldn’t want a story like that on their own ancestors? Good thing that she offers to write stories for others as well! Just ask her and she will give you more details. > Contact

She loves the smell of old books and records (no wonder with her father being a paper conservator at a museum) and if they would let her, she would probably move into the Secret State Archives in Berlin right away and read whatever document there is. Not only is she able to find the right records, be it church records, land records, emigration records, court records and many, many more; she even knows the historical context. And she does that at many archives in different parts of Germany. She found incredible documents for many of her clients so maybe you want to challenge her on finding something about your ancestors as well?  > Contact

TV and Consulting Experience

Television programs like Finding Your Roots value her qualities as a researcher and she has made more than one celebrity happy. But you don’t need to be a celebrity to have her find out more about your family, she always says that absolutely every family is worth looking at! Some of you might even have seen her in the documentary The Upside Down Book which was shown on the Australian History Channel.

Language Skills

Ursula has outstanding language skills. Besides being fluent in German, English and Swedish, she is even able to translate from French, Danish, Norwegian and – yes! – Latin.

She also gives dynamic lectures on German Genealogy and the Grandchildren of War at several academies for civic education and her students love her!

But you know what is best about her? She is such a nice person, easy to work with, absolutely reliable (the Prussian virtue thing) and she has high business ethics.

See for yourself! Just get in touch with her and find out! > Contact